About kuraki mai


One of my most favorite singers and celebrated her 10th anniversary in 2009… She debuted with “Love,Day After Tomorrow” in 1999, which gained immediate popularity and was a great hit. Many of her songs continue to be used in TV programs and she has also done quite a bit of OP and ED songs for Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan), one of the most popular and long-running animes in Japan. I believe she is about four years older than me? She did graduate from a well-known Japanese university (although I forgot which one). She writes most of her lyrics on her own, if not all, like many other popular singers and also have a few cds out in the US as well. Although there was a huge controversy between her and Utada Hikaru (the media saw Kuraki Mai as a copy-cat of Utada), I believe Kuraki Mai is so much better! Sorry Utada fans….
kuraki mai’s wikipedia article can be found HERE♡

I recently bought all the previous singles/albums and I even pre-order new ones so that I can get them asap. ^^;;


Albums are organized in the order it came out. I don’t have her album, “Wish You the Best” listed because its basically the artist’s “best album” which features her previous hits only with no new songs added.


Singles will be organized in the order they were released, from her 1999 debut to now.


10 Responses to “About kuraki mai”

  1. @riestanabirah Says:

    hei, i’m mai kuraki-san fans too, i’m very happy find your blog ^^ arigatou…i’ll wait about EIEN YORI NAGAKU & DRIVE ME CRAZY

  2. miranda Says:

    Hi can anyone please tell me the meaning of the word minku, i am from the uk and love japanese music, also a friend of mine has that name and she wud liek to know what it means, she isnt japanese though!!!

    • xxminkxx Says:

      not sure about your friend, but i took it from a favorite manga character that i really liked before and it kind of just stuck with me as a name i use online.

  3. Ana-Marija Rataić Says:

    I love Mai Kuraki, too 🙂 She is so beautiful and her voice is soooo amazing..Thank U so much for the lyrics…

  4. Miaojuan Says:

    Hello! ^^ I am Mai Kuraki fans too 🙂 she’s awesome! I listen to all of her songs and all of them are great! Her newest album “OVER THE RAINBOW” I can’t wait to buy it~! ^O^ arigatou for the translation 🙂

  5. Mai Kuraki biggest fan Says:

    im a mai kuraki fan too,all of her is cool and amazing,my favourite song is Secret of My heart and Growing of my heart by Mai Kuraki

  6. mace63 Says:

    Wow, wait. You translated all of this by yourself? That’s too amazing. I’m a big fan of Mai, too and I didn’t even know about this blog. Thank you for all your effort.

  7. 罗嘉良 Says:

    Hi! im a mai kuraki big fan, mai is a amazing pop and R&B singer-songwriter. all of mai songs also the best one. i aslo got listen mai new album-over the rainbow.^^ all the best mai^^her voice n songs also veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice^^ all of mai group also the best one^^

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